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Mauro Cosenza was born in Montevideo, Uruguay in December of 1988.

At 18, he made a comeback in his life when he met the world of urban artists circus and began the art of juggling, first as a hobby and then as a profession.

A while later finds his facility and love for the clown art, which helped a lot to move up in the street and please the audience with his charisma.


His formation begins in 2007 in Uruguay, attending workshops and courses, as well as his self-taught studies. Which provokes him a great desire to expand their knowledge and decides to start traveling to other countries. At an early age, has achieved rapid development and passion for each technique chosen, Clown and Juggler, which led him to present his shows in different parts of the world.

He has performed work in circus shows and street festivals, variety, theaters, forums and events.

Also actively participated in circus spaces such as La Invisible Circus, El Picadero and Tristán Periphery in Montevideo, Uruguay; at the Cultural Center Trivenchi in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Circus Space La Pertiga in Madrid, Spain; and the Casa da Árvore in Brasilia, Brazil.

In these spaces held different activities, from cultural projects such as workshops and circus performances in neighborhoods at risk situation, spectacle in prisons and smaller institutions, charitable circus show, full circus workshops and perform monthly courses and juggling workshops.


Has participated in the organization of various festivals as: 1st and 2nd International Festival of Circus Ozomatli in Mexico City; 2nd Festival Circus Rodo in Montevideo Uruguay; I FESTIRUA - International Festival of Artists of Brasilia Street, Brazil.

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