A eccentric clown, electric and realistic, owned by a buffon which is hidden by a thin line between the empirical and delirium.

The desire for freedom to be authentic and be present, were the reasons that led him to become a clown.


Throughout his career he had the luxury of playing and experience in different types of landscape, from various countries.


He is presenting with the understanding humor of each, thus enabling the development of a universal humorous language.

Provoking and observe, are two features that relate to the public, which help he meet his challenge to break social boundaries, to go into a game world and create a unique present.

It is a self-taught artist, highly selective and disciplined. Hours of training and research led him to develop a very particular juggling technique.


During his career he chose masters with a very finely tuned eye, which helped to merge several different styles and skills.

He dares to compose paints and figures, movements and emotions using objects such as paintbrushes and her body like paint. With a big smile and accompanied by a deep passion it is what stands out on the scene.


"The difficulty is only one step, complexity is only just for those who see and gravity is just what you know fall without touchin"