H2oboom is a show that mixes, water and explosions.


It begins in a poetic tone where balloons and more balloons are appearing, composing the scenes and giving life to the stage.  

El Gran Enano, an eccentric clown who uses his skills and delusions to perform with each balloon an explosion, where ping pong balls, artifacts, magic, water and many explosions happen increasingly, breaking the barrier between the artist and the audience generating an interactive game, all leading to the climax of the show, where the clown thrones the objective of the Boom. 

Momentos de Libertad

It all starts with people walking in the rhythms of the streets, squares, parks and walkways ...


The clown with his great charisma, delirium and his amazing energy, dare to change the reality of people transiting through these spaces proposing a different way to walk, move and to relate, entering into the world of games and improvisations.


Followed by traditional juggling act with balls that will surprise the public that will start a fire ritual, which will be used flammable liquids that will risk his own physical integrity. Accompanied by a very special dance which two members of the audience will be part of this love ceremony participating of a ephemeral marriage